April 1, 2021

Who We Are

Tooth and Go dental clinic is a technologically advanced facility that gives patients quality dental services at a reasonable price. We are currently the only dental clinic in Manila equipped with CEREC CADCam scanners and milling machines that can design, fabricate and install restorations in one appointment. Our competitive prices, state of the art equipment and high infection control standards are sets us apart from other dental clinic in Manila.

Our team of specialists and internationally trained associates ensures that whatever your dental concerns may be, we have the right professional to address your needs. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from oral diagnosis, orthodontic services, especially clear aligners such as Invisalign. We manufacture clear aligners in our in-house dental laboratory from start to finish. The design of the clear aligners is imported, done by our European partners. An in-house team of highly skilled dental technicians work closely with our dentists to ensure that we meet patients’ esthetic demands

Tooth and Go Clinic’s stress-free environment and friendly staff are guaranteed to put any anxious patient at ease. Personal entertainment units and comfortable dental chairs ensure for a relaxing dental experience. At Tooth and Go Dental Clinic