Find the right mouthwash for you

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Mouthwash should become a regular part of your oral hygiene procedure. Aside from brushing twice a day and flossing, adding a mouth rinse is a great idea. You can never take too much care of your teeth. Anything that is extra is better. If you want to provide your mouth great oral hygiene, then you should definitely include a mouthwash. They are usually not expensive and you can get them almost anywhere.

Today there are so many mouthwashes available on the market that it can be very confusing to choose the right one. Also, different people have different problems. Some individuals are affected by more caries than others. There are the ones that are prone to calculus. Since people are facing different problems, companies produce mouth rinses with different ingredients. Starting from anti-plaque, whitening, anti-cavity to fluoride the range of options is very diverse.

Let’s start with the basics. Mouth rinses are actually divided into two large categories. The first one is therapeutic and the second one is cosmetic. The therapeutic ones contain some type of ingredient that will help you with your problem. In this group, you will find the ones that will fight gingivitis or caries. All of these contain an active ingredient that protects from some condition. The cosmetic rinses are only good for these popular reasons. They will make your breath smell better and don’t have any long-term effects. It will not protect your mouth from a plaque build-up or caries.

When you first start thinking of getting a mouthwash you have to think of your most common problem. In other words, do you often get caries, or do you have a bad breath? There are also mouthwashes that cover several problems. They can fight caries and plaque at the same time. Here are some of the most common types of rinses that you will find.

mouthwash for desinfecting the mouth

Mouth rinses with fluoride

These types of mouthwash are made to protect the enamel of your teeth with fluoride. They contain it as an ingredient and when you rinse, it gets in touch with the teeth’s surfaces. Fluoride makes the structure of enamel much stronger. It also has the ability to restore initial cavity lesions. The thing is that most people don’t need a fluorite mouthwash if they use a fluoride toothpaste. Patients have to be very careful with the use of this ingredient. You should always consult your dentist for further advice. There are some groups of patients that need this type of mouth rinse. For example, the ones that have a dry mouth condition. Their teeth are more prone to caries and need that extra protection. These people have a lower saliva flow which means that there isn’t enough saliva to wash off the food residues or the acid products.

Anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis mouthwashes

Plaque is one of the most common problems for many people. You can never be 100% sure that you’ve removed it all with brushing and flossing. It is a good idea for people that do have a larger plaque build-up to use this type of mouthwash. It will kill a lot of bacteria that you didn’t manage to remove with brushing. And you will notice the results very fast. This mouth rinse is a great addition to the oral hygiene of adult people. Plaque is full of bacteria that release acidic products, which cause inflammation to the soft tissues. Gingivitis is the first sign of this. If it is not treated in time it can evolve into periodontal disease. That is why your mouth can serve all the extra protection you can get. There are also stronger types of anti-plaque rinses for people that have more serious problems.

Mouthwash for bad breath

A lot of people are fighting with bad breath. This is a very unpleasant and unwanted condition. There are many different reasons that can lead to it. Also, there are ways that you can get rid of it. You can always start with an effective mouthwash. It will probably be only a short-term effect. Most of them kill some of the bacteria in the mouth responsible for the halitosis. According to studies, 30 to 50% of the population is fighting this condition. That is why they need a proper mouthwash to help them. Another thing to do is regularly brush your tongue. The cosmetic mouth rinses smell great but last only half an hour up to an hour. They kill a small portion of bacteria that grow back again. That is the main reason for their short-term effect. When the dentist discovers the right reason behind your bad breath he can recommend a mouthwash that will target your real problem, and not only mask the signs. There are many anti-bacterial mouth rinses that will significantly reduce the number of bacteria. But the best thing to do is get in touch with a professional first.

Mouthwash for sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth can be a result of several conditions. The first one is because of exposed root surfaces due to periodontal disease. Patients feel a sharp, throbbing pain when they drink hot or cold foods or drink hot or cold beverages. It can be very aggressive and painful. These patients need help solving this condition in many different ways. The rinses for sensitive teeth contain numbing agents that affect the nerve endings of teeth. That is why patients sense relief almost immediately. They should also use it with a proper toothpaste that helps the problem. These mouthwashes also protect the enamel by covering it with a thin layer of protecting substance. That way they not only eliminate the pain but also protect from other outer factors. In stores, you will find many natural types of mouthwash that contain ingredients such as aloe vera. It provides a calming effect instantly. Always avoid the ones that contain alcohol, because it will cause additional irritation.

Antiseptic mouthwash

mouthwash to reduce the amount of bacterias

These mouth rinses fight bacteria. They do contain alcohol in most cases. This type reduces the growth of bacteria and fights infections. Antiseptic mouthwashes also have chlorhexidine gluconate in their ingredient list, which is the active chemical against bacteria. They work against gingivitis, caries and bad breath at the same time. You should be very careful about how you use this mouth rinse. The chlorhexidine gluconate can cause teeth coloring.

Natural Mouthwash

Natural mouth rinses are becoming more popular every day. These are a healthier alternative compared to the ones that contain a lot of chemicals. The choice is still not very diverse and also they are more expensive. But on the other hand, there are made completely of natural ingredients.

Benefits from mouthwashes

Everyone can benefit from mouth rinses in some way. They are all meant to protect the oral cavity in some way. You should definitely choose the right one for you and add it to your daily routine. If you still have doubts on which mouthwash is best for you after reading this, make sure to talk to your dentist. They are the best people for professional advice. In most cases, flossing and brushing are not enough and don’t remove all the plaque, food residues and bacteria.

Usually, you should stay away from mouthwashes that contain alcohol. They are not as safe, mostly because of the fact that you can accidentally swallow some. It all depends on the percentage of alcohol they contain. Another problem that these rinses can cause is dry mouth. Alcohol has the tendency to make the oral cavity dryer and more susceptible to caries. That is why you should reach for an alcohol-free mouthwash. Always read the instructions on the bottle carefully and make sure to follow them.