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Why is flossing so important?

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Although a lot of people think that brushing their teeth is enough, they are very wrong. Flossing is an essential part of keeping a bright and healthy smile. The plaque that is present on the proximal surfaces of your teeth cannot be removed by brushing alone. By flossing once a day, you remove that plaque and all of the food leftovers. If they are not removed regularly, that can lead to cavities and periodontal disease. The proximal surfaces of the teeth and surfaces that are right next to the gum line are the ones that are very prone plaque buildup. If a person doesn’t brush and floss properly the plaque will transform into tartar. Tartar can only be removed by the dentist.Types of dental floss There are many different types of dental floss available on the...

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All you need to know about impacted teeth

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What is an impacted tooth? An impacted tooth is a tooth that is not able to erupt because its eruption process has been blocked in some way. Any tooth can be impacted and there are many different factors that can cause the impaction. Many people have impacted teeth and are not aware of that because now they do not cause any problems. Once the tooth starts causing symptoms, it might cause difficulties in eating, swallowing, pain, cosmetic issues and more.Most common causes Among the many causes of impaction, probably the most common one is not having enough space in the jaws for the tooth. If a patient has an overcrowded bite, the chances are some of his teeth that haven’t erupted yet might stay impacted. Another factor that might cause this condition is an...

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Composite vs. Porcelain Veneers

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Dental veneers can be a perfect solution to a great smile for a lot of people. The veneers are becoming more popular every day, thanks to all the benefits that they offer. If you are not happy with the way your smile looks, they might be just the right option for you. Veneers are very effective with teeth that are discolored due to different reasons, slightly crooked teeth, broken or chipped teeth, spaced teeth, or even for teeth that are not shaped properly. If you choose the right dentist to help you with your veneers, you will leave with a brand-new smile, and no one will even know that you had any treatment done. At the moment, there are two materials available for veneers: composite and porcelain. There are a lot of people that are wondering what are the...

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