CEREC or CEramicREConstruction is a computer aided device used for the fabrication of veneers, crowns,inlay, zirkonia frameworks. It can also be used to make esthetic implant abutments. CADCam technology reduces clinical chair time to a single appointment instead of multiple sessions.

CEREC chair side restorations are done by precision scanning via optical impressions. Once the optical impression is taken with an intra-oral camera, the scanned tooth image is downloaded to a computer. The CEREC software is then used to create 3D design that will serve as a milling template for the restoration. After completion of the design phase, the 3D image is then milled.

A vast selection of materials is used with the CEREC system. These dental materials yield restorations that are more esthetically pleasing than traditional PFMs. To enhance the esthetic quality of our CEREC restorations, each CEREC unit is built-up and colored by hand our team of skilled dental technicians.

Sirona CEREC